Tips & Secrets

The top Planet Cazmo tips and secrets by Ambassadors of Planet Cazmo:

1. To get money, shake trees (not all trees are money trees)

2. To get the Ninja outfit go really fast the whole time and keep pressing the A or Z key on your keyboard and it will say bonus. If you do this correct you will have 36,000 points by the end of the game.

3. To get the Snowboard (marshmallow looking) suit get a score of over 15,000 points.

4. Planet Cazmo is always moderated. Even when there is no moderator visible, they are watching. There are also undercover moderators. So be good!

5. Always be friendly, you’ll get to know more people then!

6. If you have a website about Cazmo, add tags to your posts. Stuff people search on google, your site will pop up if that post has been recognized for those tags. This way you can get more hits and hopefully become an Ambassador! Then you can join this site!

7. One of the easiest ways to earn Cazmo Cash is to refer your friends! 50 Cazmo Cash for each person you get to join Cazmo!

8. If a player is seen doing good acts of kindness sometimes a Moderator will give them an exclusive item only obtainable by getting it from a Moderator.

9. On the game Alien Alchemist in Planet Cazmo get a score of 50+ and you will earn the Alien Alchemist hat.

10. There are updates on Cazmo every Friday.

11. You get coinz for working out!

12. Once a day when you log in, you get 50 cazmo coinz!

13. If you are a member of Planet Cazmo you can get monthly stipends of 1000 cazmo coins and 100 cazmo cash!

-More coming soon

6 Responses

  1. I added 13 hope that’s ok.

  2. Yeah, the more the merrier!

  3. Yup! This page is coming along greatly!

  4. Hey guys can u add my vote-o-rama post on this page? You can just put in the steps u dont have to put the whole post.

    (Ambassador) Neeko 24 8) <—Summer '09

  5. at the soulja boy tile
    shake the bills.$$ will come out(coins)

  6. Ooh, this is my first visit here, I would love to help with this! xD

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