Beta Tito’s Bday Party!

Its my BDAY!
Im Gonna be having my Bday Party on Friday 19/2/2010
Actually my Bday is on 16/2/2010 which is Tuesday/Today =)
Here are more details:

Hope to see you! =D

~Beta Tito


I am Neon Knights. Ive read Planet Cazmo’s twitter and it turned out there are 3 groups of cazmos that get a certain amount of buddies on their buddies list.

Non Members- Kept the same(150 buddies)

Ambassadors-( 200 buddies)

Members- (300 Buddies)

Beta Tito’s 1500 Coins Contest

Hello Cazmos!
Its me Beta Tito,And im having a 1500 coins New Year Contest!
So come an join the Contest by clicking on the Picture Below:

Good Luck!

Planet Cazmo Commercial


Hello cazmos. Neon Knights posting. There is going to be an Encore of the Benefit Holiday Show Concert. If you missed out on it before, then you will be able to watch it with your own eyes. This event will take place Decemeber 31st and January 1st. Dont miss out on it!

~ Neon Knights ~

New Actions and Mod Gift!

Hello Cazmos!
First, Lets Start With the New Actions!

To do these actions, You need to buy an instrument.Which you can buy from the house shop.

New Mod Gift:
The New Mod Gift is Brown Elf Hat!

Thanks Crazy Legs For the Mod Gift!

Please Click On the picture above, And Play Planet camzo!

~Beta Tito

Toys For Tots!

Please Click On the picture above, And Play Planet camzo!