Hey guys This is Brandony5 and.. there’s some new UPDATES !!!
First of all … New CAzbook Button !!!

A new ice cream stand !! They are all Cazmo cash


The new Ambassador gift is :

That’s All !

Summer day on Planet Cazmo?!

Hello everyone.Ghoni’s here , do you like all Planet Cazmo Gang parties? I guess you do. Aswell , I bet you will like this party.We will have a summer day at my home on cazmo!Yeah , i bought waterslides and a pool.It will be really fun , lol!

Check this out :-

You’ve been invited to ghoni’s Party! Come to the party and RECEIVE A FREE GIFT! Join the fun at PlanetCazmo.com on:

Time: 5:00pm & 6:00pm on Wed Sep 08 , 2010 Cazmo Time
Or: 9:00am on Wed Sep 08 , 2010 Central Time
Or: 7:00am on Wed Sep 08 , 2010 Pacific Time

Server: Beatstreet
Location: ghoni’s house
Directions: From the map, select the house icon from the bottom and then ‘search houses’ to find this user’s house

Leave a comment saying if your coming or not.Remember some mods might be availble to come to the party!


Blue party?!

Hello all Cazmos.How are you going today? I decided to make a very huge party tommorow!! yes tommorow!! Woot! It will be a BLUE PARTY!! We will all be dressed as blue! a great idea , right?  This will be my style.. if you have the same of it just put it on it would be better!

Ok guys , here are the party details :-

Are you coming?? Comment replying me! It will be really awesome.Trust me , staff members may be there too 😉 Just login on www.planetcazmo.com , open the house feature in the very down … go to ambassadors houses and you will find me!

Here is the invitation :-

You’ve been invited to ghoni’s Party! Come to the party and RECEIVE A FREE GIFT! Join the fun at PlanetCazmo.com on:

Time: 8:00am on Thu Aug 26 , 2010 Eastern Time
Or: 7:00am on Thu Aug 26 , 2010 Central Time
Or: 5:00am on Thu Aug 26 , 2010 Pacific Time

Server: Beatstreet
Location: ghoni’s house


Propel’s B-Day!

Hey Guys Tune in to My (Propel) Birthday!!!!! Heres the iformation of the party!

Time: 2:00 (Cazmo Time) on Saturday the 28th

Location: Propel’s House

Server: Beatstreet

P.S. Im inviting Bigdawg to come (BD and Closey are Friends again)

P.S.S. Comment if you can go or not!


New Worker!

Hey Cazmos! It’s Propel And I’d like to thank whoever made me a Worker on this Blog!!

You Rawk!

I am Green Now LOL!!


Teen Choice Concert

hey guys, it’s cazmohelper today I saw something about teen choice concert, so .. IT WILL BE BIG! , and make sure you go there! here are the pictures


Editor elections

Hey everyone! I think it’s about time for new editors, don’t you? Well this time around we are doing it a bit differently. If you know anyone who you think should be an editor (must be part of the PCAP) on the PCAP Blog, then comment with their name and say a reason why they should be an editor ! We will then notify the person that person they have been elected. If they come on and comment saying they would like to be an editor and that they will give great quality posts and great edits to the PCAP Blog, then they will be put in a poll soon! The amount of people chosen will depend on how many people are elected.

Thank you for reading, and we look forward to your choices! Please remember, you cannot elect yourself!