Unofficial Planet Cazmo is a blog brought to you by all participating Ambassadors. It is always updated and always kept safe. Now you can see all the updates right in front of your very own eyes!

Ambassadors are Cazmos who Spread the World, and keep the Planet Safe while the mods are busy. We try our best to always keep this site updated but of course, there will be those times when updating may be delayed.

Thank you for visiting and have a nice day,


And a Special Thanks to the Ambassadors that started off this blog before it came out. Without these guys it couldn’t have been possible:

*Wolf* (Black Wolf)

~Ambassador Champions~ (Champions)

~Ambassador G (Goopergoop)

Ambassador Mikeafc

23 Responses

  1. BW add me to the site

  2. i hate to ask but can any ambassadors help me become an ambassador ive been waiting for a while going on like a year so plz shout out to cheif i want u to reconize me

  3. Sorry, chief is gone right now. He will be back soon.

  4. heyy, please add me to this site, I will be happy to help out!
    ~Ambassador T0m3y

  5. Ok, you’ve been added to this site! Just remember that you cannot advertise unless it’s Cazmo. And all the other rules from Cazmo do apply. Unfortunately, if you break the rules even once, you will get kicked off this site.
    Have a nice day!

  6. If I become a PCAP member can I work here?

  7. Yeah, read my comment above your’s to see the rules.

  8. Hey can I work here? I’m part of PCAP
    ~jack attax

  9. wait who’s Site is it?

    I though it was Black Wolf’s

    Well Awesome Site
    Who ever created it.

  10. Hey Bw
    Im an ambassador
    but not yet offical
    So can you add me?
    ~Ambassador Helper~

  11. Sorry, I’m not allowed to add anyone that is not an official ambassador yet
    But I’ll be happy to add you to the PCAP site once you are official though! And also, congratulations!

  12. Hello,
    I see that this site is seen a lot. I just got the email that I am an ambassador, just not official yet. When I am official can you add me to the site? I will comment when I am an official PCAP.
    Lord Nanners

  13. grasias =P

  14. ok i am now official!

  15. guys please add me to the Blog, I am now an OFFICIAL AMBASSADOR.

  16. oh and subscribe button please =)

  17. Heyy people. Im trying to get this site back up and running again and I even spreaded the world on my blog.

  18. ill praticeapate im a phase 11 ambassador

  19. im already an ambass but later this week ill be official!
    Can you add me i am cazsean.

  20. oooohh Im official can someone add me to this blog?

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