Blue party?!

Hello all Cazmos.How are you going today? I decided to make a very huge party tommorow!! yes tommorow!! Woot! It will be a BLUE PARTY!! We will all be dressed as blue! a great idea , right?  This will be my style.. if you have the same of it just put it on it would be better!

Ok guys , here are the party details :-

Are you coming?? Comment replying me! It will be really awesome.Trust me , staff members may be there too 😉 Just login on , open the house feature in the very down … go to ambassadors houses and you will find me!

Here is the invitation :-

You’ve been invited to ghoni’s Party! Come to the party and RECEIVE A FREE GIFT! Join the fun at on:

Time: 8:00am on Thu Aug 26 , 2010 Eastern Time
Or: 7:00am on Thu Aug 26 , 2010 Central Time
Or: 5:00am on Thu Aug 26 , 2010 Pacific Time

Server: Beatstreet
Location: ghoni’s house


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