Teen Choice Concert

hey guys, it’s cazmohelper today I saw something about teen choice concert, so .. IT WILL BE BIG! , and make sure you go there! here are the pictures


Editor elections

Hey everyone! I think it’s about time for new editors, don’t you? Well this time around we are doing it a bit differently. If you know anyone who you think should be an editor (must be part of the PCAP) on the PCAP Blog, then comment with their name and say a reason why they should be an editor ! We will then notify the person that person they have been elected. If they come on and comment saying they would like to be an editor and that they will give great quality posts and great edits to the PCAP Blog, then they will be put in a poll soon! The amount of people chosen will depend on how many people are elected.

Thank you for reading, and we look forward to your choices! Please remember, you cannot elect yourself!



I do not add people to the Ambassadors page anymore. That is for your fellow ambassadors who have been chosen as ambassadors to update. So for all of you who have sent me rude messages please stop. And just to let you guys know, anyone who sends me a death threat will be banned from commenting on this blog and I will notify the police (yes, I did get a death threat about a page on a blog).