Hello cazmos! Jamesxoxo here! Im going to inform you on these awesome updates.

Cazmo Prom Next Week:

The Cazmo Prom is coming next week and get your dates to the prom. If it doesnt work it, then you guys can triple date or double date, something like that. Hope it will be the best time of your guys lives.

Prom Hot Deals:

Since the prom is next week, they have some new prom hot deals. Theres a boys and girls section to get their suits, and dresses. They are really cool!

NEW Free Item:

If you attended any type of party, then you get a free hat. Its the Party Crasher hat. It has Red and White stripes in a pattern.

NEW Mod Gift;

The NEW Mod Gift is the Hato51. Its shaped like a graduation hat.

Concert: JLS:

JLS had their concert for 2 days. Friday and Saturday! It rocked! Although I have no pictures, but it was the best.


2 Responses

  1. Cool! One of my friends is graduating from high school this year, I’ll be sure to tell him about that.

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