New Button (PCAP ONLY!!!)

If your an Ambassador, have you noticed that where the cadet button used to be there an Ambassador button? This button Calls mods to the room,Reports,and send Admin messages…Have fun Ambassadors!

~Ambassador Rico 🙂


8 Responses

  1. Still doesn’t say how to send admin messages!!!! XO where did you find out bout that did cazmo email you

  2. haha i hadnt noticed yet
    thx for the info

  3. That’s pretty neat! I wonder why the ambassadors weren’t sent an email about this or something..

    • Because Ambassador Tom3y reccomended it.He is the Ambassador behind all of this..It might be posted on the Cough De Cough

  4. O.o I was onnn! Mwhahaha. What does it do. I mean does it get our reports there faster orr?

  5. It actualy sends Admin messages? How..?

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