What is your fav mod gift shoes?

Please comment which one you like thanks for viewing my post.

Ooo Lala

Hello cazmos. Its me Jamesxoxo. I guess Planet Cazmo is having a Lady Gaga concert and these are the NEW souveneirs that will come out with it. Check it out:

Beta Tito’s Bday Party!

Its my BDAY!
Im Gonna be having my Bday Party on Friday 19/2/2010
Actually my Bday is on 16/2/2010 which is Tuesday/Today =)
Here are more details:

Hope to see you! =D

~Beta Tito

Cool Friday updates!

Hey guys! What’s up? How’s everybody?

Today Planet Cazmo team have done a great work! and made updates!

Remember you must go now to cazmo! =) because everyone can control the lights!

and also, The countdown to Savannah concert is ready!

and don’t forget Savannah Outen tracks can be purchased

Though, NEW PCAP gift! =)

Robots sneaks!

and Eventfully the Soccer shirts are back on Cazmo!


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Working Code for Concert Widget

Hey Cazmos,
I generated a Non-Flash code for the Concert Widget, So you can post it on your blogs if your blogs do not support flash player =)
I’m gonna do this for every concert widget, if i didnt, please let me know by commenting 😉
Here is the code for the Savannah Outen’s Concert Widget:

[Xvodpod id=Video.2980066&w=425&h=350&fv=

Remove the X after the [ (Before the Word "vodpod") the beggining,
 If you didnt remove the X (which is in bold)the code wont work, So, please erase it)

~Beta Tito