Hidden Update!

Hello cazmos! Ive found a hidden update on the Dr. Deep’s Hero Badge. Me and Millionaire noticed that it was a different kind of spelling. Look:

~ Neon Knights ~

Cazmo Superstar!

Im a cazmo superstar! If you dont believe me check my badges:

~ Neon Knights ~

Should i Change my Eyes?(Beta Tito)

Hello Cazmos,
Im Thinking of Changing my Eyes,i like two types of eyes, so tell me to which one should i change or i should keep the same one i got now.
First Type:

Second Type:

Type which i got now:

Vote on this poll:

~Beta Tito

Lake Cazmo Is Frozen!!!And Top Rated Room Results!

Hey Cazmos! Have You Checked Out Lake Cazmo Lately??? Well I Sure Have An I Noticed It Got A Bit Icy………

Your Cazmo Will Skid On It And Walk Really Slow Its AWSOME.

The Top Rated Room Winners Have Been Annoucned!

Exterior(Outside) Winners!

1.Black Wolf

2. Agent Cazmo

3. Beta Omer…



2. Twinkles


A Huge Congratulations To EveryOne Who Won!

*Also A Cazmo Ambassador All Of Us Will Be Recieving 3 Gifts A Day That We Can Send To Any Good Cazmos .This Is Alot Like Mod Gifts!

So Be On Your Best Behaviour :)

~Ambassador 7 ronaldo27

New Freezing Lake Cazmo coming soon!

Hey cazmos! There’s a new Freezing Lake Cazmo

is coming out soon

this is an Ambassador Sneak Peak!


-Ghoni,Planet Cazmo Gang

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Kate Voegele Free Virtual Concert Comming Soon!

Hey Cazmos. More Great News!!!Planet Cazmo Have Annoucned The Next FREE Virtual Concert Which Is Comming To Town This Will Be On The 15th-16th of January Which Is Next Week!

Are You Comming???

~Ambassador 7 ronaldo27

~Planet Cazmo Expert.com MAIN OWNER

Beta Tito’s 1500 Coins Contest

Hello Cazmos!
Its me Beta Tito,And im having a 1500 coins New Year Contest!
So come an join the Contest by clicking on the Picture Below:

Good Luck!