HEYY CAZMOS!!! Ambassadpr T0m3y posting here!

There are some pretty neat updates out right now so be sure to CHECK THEM OUT!!!


First off, here is some exciting news for me… I AM THE AMBASSADOR OF THE WEEK!!!!!


The Ice Skates came out today and they are realy neat! There are Cazmo Coin skates for members only and Cazmo Cash skates for everyone!


There is a new Pop-up Chat box that shows the Planet Cazmo chatbox that you can see originaly on Planet Cazmo but it can be viewed and you can say stuff on Planet Cazmo from while doing anything on your computer! Click where it is highlighted to pop it up


You can now host Ice Skating parties at Lake Cazmo!!!


THE BUDDY LIST UPDATE HAS ARRIVED(for members and Ambassadors only though)!!! Thats right! Ambassador Cazmos can now add 200 buddies and members can add 300!!!



Ambassador T0m3y
PCAP # 102

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