Accurate Gift Tracker


Server: The tracker is offline, we are not tracking

Room: The tracker is offline, we are not tracking

Status of Item: The item is currently the purple elf costume

Tell me about this giftbox!

The giftbox is a random NPC on planetcazmo just like llyod. It randomly appears on planetcazmo, its mostly seen on beatstreet. The giftbox gives you a free item for your cazmo, The first time the giftbox randomly started appear it gave 4 free items but it was random each time. This time its giving out one gift, the purple elf costume. The giftbox looks like a blue box with a pinkredish ribbon tied around it, just as you seen on the picture. The giftbox only appears in the downtown area of your map


How do i find this giftbox?

Well you dont have to find it, I will do that and give you the location. All you have to do is refresh this tracker is 5:45 EST and the location will be there. Just login, look at the server and room, Go there and claim you free gift

If this Tracker was helpful to you please leave a comment below

As always Spread the World!

-Mario USA



3 Responses

  1. Hmm, seems pretty cool! I’ll make sure I use this sometime soon!

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