New Ginormous clone quest

Hey cazmos, mario USA here

Planet cazmo has amazed me again because a few days after Ginormous was hosting toys for tots he has a new quest at the neighborhood and im here to walk you through it and talk about it. Ok lets get on with the story, Ginormous  wants to interview himself on his new talkshow on Janurary which im so excited about XD. So he clones himself but then his clone has a idea to clone himself and then that clone has the idea to clone himself and etc. Basically you have to find 5 clones and bring them back to Ginormous, In exchange you get to be listed in the upcoming cazmo event, Ginormous talk show where you will be interviewed and maybe displayed live on PC.

First clone is at the top left corner of lake cazmo

Second clone is at  the left side of town square

Third clone is inside of the garage

Fourth clone is in the space port

Fifth clone is tricky to find but hes at the beach, click the beach, then the beach map comes up, move your mouse to the very top left corner of the beach, but then move your mouse to the beach title beneath the top one. Click it then go to the very top left corner of the room to find Ginormous hiding behind a tree.

Return to neighboorhod and get your reward of ginormous soon being able to interview you and he will give you some cazmo coins. I think he puts you on the list and the first one who completed the quest gets to go first and then the second one who completes it goes next and so on. Anyway i hope when ginormous puts on his talking show he will put it live on cazmo so we can watch it

Spread the world!

-Mario USA


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