On the 5th Day of Cazmo..

Lloyd has lost a cool UFO he was going to give to Toys for Tots, and you! Help him find it!

First, go to the VIP Area in the CazRena.

Now, go to the Body Shop and pick up the UFO by walking over it.

Go back to Lloyd and talk to him. Now, go to Interior Decorate mode on your house, and go to the Misc. section. Congratulations, you now have the UFO!


2 Responses

  1. These are really fun! I love hunting for stuff. The scavenger hunts on Webosaurs are pretty awesome too. I’m so glad I told my mom about the big sale on Webo memberships-she let me get one! I’m now a member for a whole year on Webosaurs, and I can get the cool members-only hunt items. ANd it’s just in time for the VIP Members only party on Saturday too! Woohoooo!

  2. I did this scavger hunt and did some on Webosaurs too. I like them but Im not very good at them!!! Im gunna get a Webosaurs membrship for Cristmas, super excited!!!!

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