Wow. Im Becoming pretty Famous.

No Joke, at This place i was at, i saw that above and all of this below..

Wow i found that coin on the ground………..

Mike Tyson…. is reading my book?!?!?!!?!?!?!i didnt think that would sell!!!


im on a bus. i never signed any contract for that…

and wow…………..

i almost dies when i saw this……….


Well if you ever go to europe tell me and these may still be up in some parts.




15 Responses

  1. those are edits rights?

  2. rofl they r u actually fell for dat?

  3. No not really first pic kinda real howed you make this tanner?

  4. I’m pretty sure he used one of those websites where you insert a pic and a machine does it for you.

  5. mind sharing the site? O.o

  6. I think for some of it he used

  7. btw that site link is fake?

  8. Oh sorry,

  9. idk btw but it looks like your wrong

  10. the site looks like it doesnt hae anything to do with there pictures

  11. Tanner what did u use for the first pic?

  12. wat did he use then rcd?

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