Quest Guide!

Hey Cazmos!

First, talk to Eegore at the body shop!

Screen shot 2009-10-16 at 4.58.20 PM

Next, go to the town and get the St. Patrick’s day hat!

Screen shot 2009-10-16 at 5.00.44 PM

Next go to the garage, and get the Party Hat!

Screen shot 2009-10-16 at 5.01.23 PM

Then, go to the body shop, and get the Fireworks!

Screen shot 2009-10-16 at 5.01.57 PM

Now, go to the space port and get the Christmas Present!

Screen shot 2009-10-16 at 5.02.51 PM

Now, go to the Turn table room at the Playground. You can get the V-Day plant there! Sorry, I accidentally deleted the pic, but here is a picture of the plant you have to get!

Screen shot 2009-10-16 at 5.03.28 PM

Finally, go back to Eegore and talk to him! You get 200 Cazmo Coinz!

Screen shot 2009-10-16 at 5.05.48 PM


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