Wow. Im Becoming pretty Famous.

No Joke, at This place i was at, i saw that above and all of this below..

Wow i found that coin on the ground………..

Mike Tyson…. is reading my book?!?!?!!?!?!?!i didnt think that would sell!!!


im on a bus. i never signed any contract for that…

and wow…………..

i almost dies when i saw this……….


Well if you ever go to europe tell me and these may still be up in some parts.




Weezer Concert!

The Weezer concert was awesome! You got to see the band and crew actually perform in CazArena. Here are some pix I got from the Weezer Concert:

WEEZER Promo!!

Can’t wait to see that giant pumpkin! Looks like lots of fun!!

CazmoRena Updated! (I think)

Hey Cazmos!

I think the CazmoRena has been updated!

Screen shot 2009-10-27 at 9.27.15 PM

Please correct me if I’m wrong!!


Wow, someone I know!! I love his song: My Name is Jonas!

Screen shot 2009-10-26 at 9.28.22 PM

Metro Station Concert Pix!

Here are some pix I got from the concert!






Special Halloween-only item!

And …. anyone who logs in this weekend will get a free Halloween giveaway in the newspaper!

Metro Station banner!

I can’t wait for this concert, it will be so fun!!

Screen shot 2009-10-20 at 5.33.40 PM