Question for Ambassadors

Hey Ambassadors,

Would you guys be up to a 5,000 hits party when we get there? 5,000 is always a good checkpoint! If you guys don’t want to have a party, then that’s fine! Also, if you’re not an Ambassador but you want to tell Ambassadors about your opinions, that’s fine too– It will be the Ambassador’s choice though. Cause they have been so great working here!

9 Responses

  1. I think we should throw a 5000 hits party. If we do i can make the sign say welcome to Unofficialplanet party or 5000 of UPC

  2. I think its a good idea if you want. And i will only be able to make it on 4pm cazmo time on any friday. As long as not this one cos i reserved that lol

  3. Well i actually think its a awsome idea,but it should be on a saturday because most people are busy soo if we can do it,lets make it happen!

    ~Ambassador Rico

  4. Sorry,but it should be on an empty planet so only pcap can come

    ~Ambassador rico

  5. Good idea but it should be at MegaMix so that way it wont have to be laggy and for the server to crash like yesterday or Friday.

  6. We are actually mostlikely having it at Beatstreet, so everyone can come!

  7. Yeah Good Idea Can I make the invintation card?

  8. yeah thats a great idea then mostly all ambassadors can come online and cazmos and have fun lol

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