Hello as you all know last night was the concert and people were talknig about hackers i would just like to say there is NO
hacker and poor mc came out 3 times to tell cazmos and there has benn scams for passwords recently
i have had to deal with alot of scams recently cazmos are giving passwords away

Reply what you think !


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  1. ik it starts off as one person then the whole of cazmo knows about it .

  2. well my opinion is club penguin hackers come to planet cazmo with some strange program then planet cazmo deals it, and scams it should change like, when they join they should say underneath the password box something like “dont put your cazmo name or real name”.I feel sorry for mc we need ambassadors who are seriouse.I wasen’t there but we need the mods to relax.
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  3. Im a ambassador heres my email ****

  4. Pcb they have plenty of pcap lol. Even i was helping yesterday and i am not pcap anymore. Its not that people cant be bovered helping its that just in the end we give up because them people dont listen to us. And still give out there passes

  5. Guys wen we try to help they will liston to us then they jsut say screw that and give there pass agian

  6. Heres the thing that happened once:
    I told of a cazmo, he said sorry i went away then came back, next thing ik she told someone her password.
    yes mike your correct,they never listen 😦

  7. Well the important thing was that you guys warned them, so when they get mad at PC, they won’t have a reason.

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