We Need to Get Known…

Hey everyone. Penguin01 here. (I did change my name to inFamously but I’ll be posting as Penguin01 for a bit to get the message out) I think UPC needs to be more known. It needs to be THE place to get your updates. Just like the Cazmo Blog. All the stuff is from PCAP so it is all safe and definite. So I was thinking. Maybe we should get our own host from GoDaddy and a domain as well. Then we could put AdSense on the site and earn revenue. The revenue could be put towards the domain and hosting and the rest could be split evenly among our authors. So I think the first step would be talking to Planet Cazmo and getting them to help get our site known among new users. Maybe they could put a page in the paper. Maybe this could be the Official Blog. Other things too. So…

Comment your ideas and if you agree below. I hope you like my ideas.


2 Responses

  1. I would get hosting and a domain name and all of that stuff for this site, but I just don’t have the money right now. You don’t just find money on the streets back in the old days (like a year ago 😆 )

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