Beatstreet Full??

Wow Yea Beatstreet has been fuller then ever! Now that there alot of People in Planet Cazmo I think that we ( us cazmo’s) Should move back to a different server. Here’s A Vote of Which Server we can go to.




-Ambassador HyperBoild PCAP # 88


5 Responses

  1. Well I think we should stay in Beatstreet just because there are so many Cazmos. We just can’t leave them all there, because then they may cause too much trouble, and then who would stop them?

  2. Yea I guess so but if people start to see their buddies in Funkitron, people are gonna go move over to Funkitron then it’ll be our new server. I miss the Funkitron days 😦

  3. hey pink crystal here ill be an author and my site is **** u can be an author on mine too if u want

  4. Well bw isnt that what mods are for too? We dont want the mods to have it easy do we? 🙂

  5. lol mike you should know that ambassadors have to try making their jobs easy

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