Aqua Valhalla

She’s coming to a Cazmo near you.

Underwater World coming this week!

Yes, you heard right!

Livvi Franc

planet cazmo livvi franc

~Ambassador Twinkles


Hey Guys Planet cazmo updated today with some cool new clothes and shorts which are both again for cazmo cash and cazmo coins they also added new posters which where made by betaomer,agent cazmo,black wolf they look really kewl so hopefully under water world will come next week!

new newspaper 28.8.09

new clothes 28.8.09

new posters beta omers ac and bws

~Ambassador 7 ronaldo27

New newspaper and concert coming up!

Hey cazmos

Mario USA here and theres a brand new newspaper updated and ready for cazmos, check it out:

Planet cazmo daily dose

Livvi franc is making another concert, which is another event to planet cazmo happening this coming saturday august 29, Get you caz books ready for another ticket! I dont think there is anything else i missed so if you see any other update comment below!

As always, Spread the world

Mario USA

Kate Earl

~Ambass Twinkles

ps: i know its bad.i was


New author and ambassador mario usa

Hey guys

My name is mario usa on planetcazmo and i became a ambassador 2 weeks ago, Im a new author here on upc and i hope that UPC could become the most popular planetcazmo blog for planetcazmo, Because it always has the latest updates. I have a few welcomes so thanks

As always, Spread the world!

Mario USA