Kool updates…Sorta..

Hey cazmos! There are some rly awesome updates!!!! First, the Solja Boy clothes FINALLY came out after like, weeks of waiting lolz! Also some new Mimo items (BLECHHH)



The Mimo items are kind of a ripoff…50 cc for a surfboard!? lolz anyways the font on the cazbook has changed


There is also a new Non-playing character in the cazrox cafe!!


Lolz sry for posting late I was kinda busy yesterday

 P.S. I borrowed these pics from Jimbercane since Im using a different computer (http://jimbercane.wordpress.com



(Ambassador) Neeko 24 <—Summer ‘09

The Updates are here!

The Friday Updates are awesome, although I dunno Y shall pc make mimo skateboard and surfboard?!?!?!?!?!?!? The souulja boy tellem things are here, but the shirt isnt. They are by 50cc and sadly for members they move from its price only 5 cc waa. And the glasses cheat is sooo awesome!! If u need a hair makeover, go to the shop and buy one cuz all planet cazmo hairs being sold will vanish and of cource new ones are coming. They are cheaper by 10 cc so there are some hair-cuts by only 5 cc for members!

17-7-2009 Updates!


The soulja boy concert is nice but no tickets. 😦 Ill post pic of tht later!

Kokeeto Signutare

SouljaBoy ROCKED Cazmo!

Hey Cazmos!

SouljaBoy Rocked Cazmo today!

Picture 17

Picture 18

Picture 19

Picture 20

Picture 22

Picture 21


Hey guys! There are some awesome updates!!

Picture 5Picture 6Picture 7Picture 9Picture 10Picture 11Picture 12Picture 13Picture 14Picture 15

Soulja Boy Concert, Jordin Sparks, and new membership stuffz!

Hey cazmos! I just received the newsletter from Planet Cazmo and there are really awesome things coming to Planet Cazmo!!!

First, as all of you know,  Soulja Boy is gonna perform tonight!







If u miss tonight’s concert dont worry about it cuz he’s gonna perform on saturday also! WOOOHOOO!


Oh and also, Jordin Sparks is coming NEXT WEEKEND!






Lastly, there is something new to the whole membership thing! If you get a 6 month membership, you get a free, rare, single engine, jetpack! AWESOME! And if you get a 12 month membership you receive the EXTREMELY rare Kau-kau bear!







(Ambassador) Neeko 24 <—Summer ‘09

Soulja Boy On Planet Cazmo! Spread it!

Hey Cazmos! Soulja boy is comin on Planet Cazmo. Heres the Invitation card I made. Plz spread it on ur awesome sites! And let ur friends know abt it!


Spread the World

Best Regards, Kokeeto!

Cazmosgang Fashion SHow Rocked!!

Hello Cazmos!! The Fashiopn shopw was soooooooooo awesome!! MANY many many many many cazmos came over 60!!….And guess which mod came?!






They made the party (Contest) ROCK!!




















Heres the prizes programme:

1.(with cazmo cash style)cmcm12 Prize  _ 50 cazmo cash and one hundred coinz!

2.(with cazmo cash style)glue xox Prize – 10 cazmo cash and one hundred coinz!

3.(with cazmo coins style) Neeko24 Prize – 10 cazmo cash and 50 coinz!















We had many games:

1)Guess a word beginning with…

2)Who Says: “Cazmosgang By Kokeeto and Romani Rocks”  correctly.

3)Find oteekoK, a secret account for  kokeeto. (Hide n’ Seek)
















The games winners:

1.Admin Twin :10 cash and 50 coinz

2.Beta Omer: 10 cash and 50 coinz.

3.DarkAngel60: 10 cash and 50 coinz.

 And thx loads to fb (football aka pugdog8) for making a vid for the fashion show!

Visit his site: http://www.pcbcheats.wordpress.com






Thxx guys tht u came!!

And for ppl who didnt go its ok, u can come on the other fashion show!!

Also Torgo kept saying :Fassion is passion!! lol

See the pics n’ have fun!




Jeff n torgo came to the show they were and always will be totally awesome







The winner cmcm But b4 he had a nice look then he changed


Neeko and cmcm











Best Regards, cazmosgang Rom Dom & Coca~cola