The Updates are here!

The Friday Updates are awesome, although I dunno Y shall pc make mimo skateboard and surfboard?!?!?!?!?!?!? The souulja boy tellem things are here, but the shirt isnt. They are by 50cc and sadly for members they move from its price only 5 cc waa. And the glasses cheat is sooo awesome!! If u need a hair makeover, go to the shop and buy one cuz all planet cazmo hairs being sold will vanish and of cource new ones are coming. They are cheaper by 10 cc so there are some hair-cuts by only 5 cc for members!

17-7-2009 Updates!


The soulja boy concert is nice but no tickets. 😦 Ill post pic of tht later!

Kokeeto Signutare

3 Responses

  1. Its money making i think

  2. Yeah, lol I keep telling everyone that if they bring millions of Cazmos to pc, then maybe they will get their own item.

  3. LOL! Cruel bw cruel lol. I think mimo has done good like he is a clever person to think of all this money making techniques however i dont like him because he has ruined pc for some cazmos

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