Cadet Code

This is Directly from the Planet Cazmo faq Page so it is all true. Remember to post this on your blog so everyone knows it!

Picture 14

Q: What is the “Cadet Code”?

A: As an elite squad of players, Cadets must follow a special set of rules:

  1. Report any players that are using bad language, being mean, hacking, or breaking any of the other rules of Planet Cazmo.
  2. DO NOT confront misbehaving players. Your job is to scout and report. Tell us what bad players are doing, and let us handle it.
  3. Do not make false reports.
  4. Help new players! Offer to give tours to new Cazmo players and show them how much fun they can have!
  5. Keep Planet Cazmo Safe and Fun!

Cadets who break the rules will lose their Cadet status.


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