How To Host Your Own Site For FREE

Hey guys, it’s me penguin01. I know I haven’t posted here lately so I decided to. The only problem was that I didn’t have any idea what about. Other ambassadors would post before I got to so I was out of ideas. So I thought and thought and finally I knew what this post was going to be about. Hosting your own site. There are only a few other cazmos who know this and none of them had ever posted about it. So now I will tell you how! Why you may want to host your site instead of WordPress hosting it is:

1. You can earn revenue.

2. Free Custom CSS

3. You can use Google AdSense.

4. Your site can be about ANYTHING!

5. Many More!

So…. Here’s how YOU can sign up for FREE.

Note: This hosting service has been created by Penguin01 and Goopergoop. It is legit.

Step 1. Go to this website (Yes, I know the girl is weird, she will be removed soon)

2. Click The Free Plans thing and read over what you’re getting.1

3. Click “Sign Up”2

4. Fill out all of the stuff sign up and everything.

5. Stop when you get to the place where it shows all of your info. SAVE IT TO YOUR COMPUTER!!!

6. Go to your Vista Panel.

7. Log in using the information that you saved when you signed up.

8. Scroll down until you get to software and services, click Fantastico Type Installer. 3

9. Select Your Domain. You can add more later.

10. Select the type of thing you want. If you want a blog, go with WordPress. Forum, Middle. Wiki, Bottom.

11. Click install now. (It installs nothing on your computer)

12. Type what you want in the box. (I recommend “Blog” It is easiest to remember)

13. Click the link that goes to your site first in a different tab. Then Go to your admin panel. (It says in VistaPanel)

14. Log in to the admin panel.

15. There Ya go!

If you ever need any help with installing themes or anything, please write to me by email or comment. I know it’s a tad confusing.

Did I just say tad?



5 Responses

  1. Hey penguin! Thanks for info. Can you use it on a website already made?

    • Unfortunately no… The only possible way that that could happen was if you had your entire website saved to your computer and that might not work. Something you CAN do though is start your site and make it perfect, then you tell your normal site about it.

  2. O kk thanks

  3. Penguin01 I see u use Jing also? lolz thts wat I use since I have a Macintosh and thats basically one of the best screenshot thingys they have for Mac users

    (Ambassador) Neeko 24 8) <—Summer '09

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