How to be in the Vote-O-Rama Leaderboard!!

Hey Cazmos! I found out how 2 be in the leaderboard!!!! It’s actually really simple. All you will need is a pen or pencil and a piece of paper (unless u hav really good memory).



Steps on how to be in leaderboard

1. Go 2 Vote-O-Rama

2. Pick the top answer only and put in a random number

3. BEFORE you answer the next one look at the answer that’s on top of the Vote-O-Rama box from the previous question and write it down (or memorize it)

4. Do the same for the next 3

5. When u get to question #5 STOP and do NOT answer anything

6. click the red X on the right top corner of the screen.

7. You should be in PC

8. Go back to Vote-O-Rama once again (It will let u back since u havent finished it)

9. It will ask you the same questions again so this time get your sheet of paper (unless u memorized them)

10. Put in the correct answer for each of the 4 (remember u have to click the top answer for each one

11. For #5 u have to guess (It has to be a good guess or u may not end up in the leaderboard)

12. After u finished the game and it gave you the results and check the leaderboard!!

09 2 










Please comment if u have tried this and it worked for you or comment on any questions u have. And please do not copy this post without my permission


(Ambassador) Neeko 24 :D


3 Responses

  1. lolz I just figured it out 2day and it worked! Have u tried it? Plz say if it worked for u

    (Ambassador) Neeko 24 8) <—Summer '09

  2. I just missed a high score by six points lol btw I didn’t know you worked for this site neeko

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