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Cazmosgang Fashion Show 2!! Get ready!!

Heya Cazmos. Do u remember from almost a year when we made a fashion show and Nado won? Now, we have another fashion show but with more surprises. Now you have the chance to participate in the Newest Cazmosgang Contest, The Fashion show!!Fashion Show Card.


Here are the rules:

  • No wearing costumes(including swim suits).
  • No vehicles.
  • No copying others.

What is the theme?

  • Anything Stylish! Anyyythiiiiiinggg!!

What is the time, place and day?

  • Where: Beatstreet, Dock 2fash. server

Fashion SHow place


  • Day: July- Monzday the 13th

Fas. Day!

Time:  2 PM Cazmo time!

Here are the prize program:

  • First winner(with cash look): 50 Cazmo Cash
  • Second Winner(with coinz look): 10 cazmo cash and 100 coinz
  • Third Winner (with Cash look): 300 Cazmo Coinz

And P.S: There will be mini-games also so we dont get bored and there will be cash and coinz prizes for it.

U just be there, and u wont forget that day forever.

All of u will be happy, noone will end sad!

P.S. Wear ur most stylish clothes!!

Kokeeto Signutare



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