30/7/2009 Updates!

Pc updates on TThursay and sadly, they didnt add boys hair. ūüė¶ Heres the new planet cazmo updates:

30-7-09 UpdatesAlso theres a new mod hat which is an orange Soda Helmet.

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Super sweet updates! (and info on my cc contest!)

Hey cazmos! There are some sweet updates today! Well 1st of all there are new clothes!

New Clothes


Oh and there new hair items!

New Clothes


There is also a SWEET mod gift (I didnt get the last mod gift)

Mod Gift


Oh and if u buy cc in August and September u will be elegible to win…(drumroll)….A NINTENDO WII! how great is Pc?


One more thing, Jordin Sparks house is now on Star Houses!


Lolz well those are all of the updates! Oh wait, I forgot there are a LOT of new eyes! My favorite are the cat-looking eyes! wat about yours? I might be having a poll on changing my cazmo look but thats later on when I beg to my parents for cc on august or september ;)



3:00 P.M EST or Planet Cazmo Time

2:00 P.M. CST

1:00 P.M. MST

and 12:00 P.M. WST <==I think its WST?




(Ambassador) Neeko 24¬†8)¬†<‚ÄĒSummer ‚Äė09

PS credit to Beta Omer and Jimbercane for using their pics

Partnership News

Tommy Mottola having business dinners at Monkey Bar in NYC on Tuesday and Wednesday nights to discuss his new partnership with Today Planet Cazmo, to host virtual concerts for teens and tweens.

Deal withi Major Record Labels


PlanetCazmo.com Partners with Mottola Company for Virtual Concerts, Announces Deals with Major Record Labels

UMG and Sony add more Record Labels to growing Cazmo Virtual Concert Series

  • Press Release
  • Source: Planet Cazmo
  • On Wednesday July 22, 2009, 11:35 am EDT

NEW YORK, July 22 /PRNewswire/ — Today Planet Cazmo, (www.planetcazmo.com), a virtual world for ‘tweens and teens, announced a partnership with Tommy Mottola and The Mottola Company to support Cazmo’s Virtual Concert Series, and other music and branded content initiatives. The two companies will work together to secure strategic partnerships with major music industry and branded properties which will bring celebrity content into the virtual world in the form of virtual goods via microtransactions.

“When I saw the work Planet Cazmo had done with record labels, I immediately understood the enormous potential it has as a platform to deliver new ways for fans and bands to interact,” said Tommy Mottola. “I knew I had to be a part of it, contributing my relationships and resources to help make this a very big product.”

In addition, Planet Cazmo has added several more record labels who will participate in Cazmo’s popular Virtual Concert Series. Island Def Jam, and The Jive Label Group join Interscope-Geffen and Epic Records in the growing list of content partners helping to solidify Planet Cazmo’s position as the leading virtual world providing music-related content.

Planet Cazmo has previously hosted successful virtual concerts with acts such as Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em, David Archuleta, Jordin Sparks, Kristinia Debarge, Ciara, Natasha Bedingfield, and The Clique Girlz, among others, drawing hundreds of thousands of kids. “Planet Cazmo and the Mottola Company have formulated a strategy which will solidify Cazmo’s leadership in this new space where virtual worlds and music entertainment meet,” said Mottola. “You can expect to see some very big announcements in the coming months.”

“Tommy Mottola is in a class of his own in the entertainment business, and brings tremendous value to our music and brand initiatives,” said Mike Levine, Founder and CEO of Planet Cazmo. “With the Mottola Company and the new record label relationships, Planet Cazmo can establish itself as the premiere online interactive music platform for tweens and teens,” said Levine. “Music is at the heart of the Cazmo experience, and our fans have loved the concerts we have done thus far. Our plan is to have a music event on Cazmo every week with music branded virtual goods to sell.”

Jordin Sparks ROCKED The Cazmo Beach!!

Hey Cazmos! The Jordin sparks concert was AWESOME! She sang maybe four songs. If u hadnt had a chance to see her, heres pix Kokee had taken!

Hope u like ’em!


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Here are todays updates. This week is special cuz TWO updates in one week!

And be sure to come to todays concert!

Also theres a new orange vest shirt for members but sorry I forgot to post a pic of it!!

And a new badge:



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Wendsday Updates and Lloyd Quest Walkthrough.

Yo Cazmos. Again the updates are on wednesday. The soulja boy ticket is here:

22-7-2009 Updates

And as uve seen those member gifts are given to cazmos who have bought membership(i didnt get waa). They look pretty cool and when the pets sneak peak was out the most pet i liked was tht red kau kau and now i dont think ill have  it waa lol. Heres a pic of it:

KauKau Bear

Also theres tht new jetpack also for who bught membership!


Ok heres the quest walkthrough:

Start by talking to mama caz then ask her to go to the zibs. Talk with him and start finding the things. The things are so hard to press on . Dunno y lol

heres the items:

Lloyd Quest Items

Aftre u get all the items go and talk with Mamma caz and go to the zibs again and ull find Llloyd there. The zibs will tell u to go and find three purple bushes that lloyd has teleported about!

Lloyd Quest Bushes

After That go to mama caz back and ask her to take u to the zibs. There give them the bushes.And see what happens!


And check this funny post hehe : http://cazmosgang.wordpress.com/2009/07/22/kokeetos-children-hehehe-jk

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