I highly recommend you not to use it, but it works

Hey guys,

I HIGHLY recommend you NOT to use ths surveys. You can get send spam mail, A LOT of spam emails,  and spam phone calls, which I  already have. But if you’re desperate like me and just don’t really care, then be careful with what you put down on there. Yesterday I had 0 cazmo cash, and then earned 66, then I spent 63 and was left with 3. I did a lot more surveys and I am now at 134 cazmo cash.


4 Responses

  1. The survey dosent even work for me.

  2. How do you not qualify?

  3. Example for not qualifying: If it’s a survey about quitting smoking and you answer that you do not smoke, why would they want you to take the survey?
    Oh and mike, check out the post below to do it.

  4. Can I join Unofficial Cazmo Im Ambassador Neon Knights

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