New Ambassadors Phase 7

Hello Everyone As Most Of Us Know phase 7 ambassadors have been picked so put ur hands together for…


neon knights



Mighty Buzz



Well Done To All Of U And If U HAvnt Been Picked This Time Then Keep Going And Mabey Phase 8 Has U In It

~Ambassador 7 ronaldo27


7 Responses

  1. Finally you didnt spell my name wrong Lol

  2. Appreciate being a part of the team. Keep me updated at my site.

    If you want to contact me ask soccer because he usually knows what im up too.


    Ambassador, CollinZfresh

  3. oh, this is an extremely new site. less then a thousand hits..

  4. Im going to be honest Black Wolf. No hard feelings after that philosophical conversation I tried having with you on “freedom of speech and expression” a while ago.

  5. Yeah, let’s just trying putting that argument behind us and look to the future. And yeah, this site is new, it’s less than a month old, if you wanna be an author you can. All ambassadors are welcome to this blog!

  6. I’m pretty tied up with many other blogs that are relevant to other topics and games but if I have a chance I’ll definitely put effort to contribute to this site.

    Ambassador, CollinZfresh

  7. wait im in phase 7

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