2000 Hits Party!

You heard right!

Unofficial Planet Cazmo is having their 2000 Hits party! Thank you ambassadors for keeping up the good work, and thank you to all our visitors– without you there wouldn’t be an Unofficial Planet Cazmo!

When: Saturday-Sunday

Why: 2,000 Hits! And 4th of July!

What time: 2 straight days!!

What server: Beatstreet!

Thanks again 😀

4th of July!

Celebrate 4th of July with Cazmo!!

Beta Omer’s Party – Your Chance To Win Free 100 Cazmo Cash!

Hey. Beta Omer Is here. Im having a party this Thursday and one lucky person is going to win 100 cazmo cash! All you need to show up at the party and PARTY with us! for more deatils click here.

Thursday, July 2th

4:00 PM Planet Cazmo Standard Time


Server: Beatstreet
Room: INSIDE Beta Omer’s House

Here Is house to get to Beta Omer’s house:
1. Click the houses Icon on ChatBar.
2. Click search houses, and type In Beta Omer.
3. Click search and get Inside my house!

Follow Beta Omer on Twitter!

New Music Video!!!!!!!




Kristinia Debarge Concert Vid!

Hey Everyone, Wat Sup Well Anyways Heres Kristinia Debarge’s Concert Vid If You Havn’t Already Seen It.

~Ambassador 7 ronaldo27

Kristina Debarge Rocked The Stage!!

As u can see from the title, she really did. The concert was soo cool! From the mods that came one, I saw only Vega!  The Countdown Rocks. At the last minute, it starts to show seconds. The concert was soo cool! If u didnt see it today, u have the chance to see it tommorow! And be sure to take photos so u can remember that concert, or u can simply and sipsly open ur Cazmo Book and see ur yellow ticket for Kristina Debarge!

Here are some pics:

Kristina Debarge!


Kokeeto Signutare

Free Wiis!

Planet Cazmo has announced in their Twitter that they will be giving more Wiis soon! What do you think the contest will be??