Cazmo Idol!

Sign Ups, Coming Soon!


On the First Round, There is going to be only 7 Contestants, and only 5 are going to the 2 Round. Out of those 5, only 3 are going to the 3 Round. And when that day comes, there is going to be only 1 Winner, of… Cazmo Idol!

To start the 1 Round, There must be 7 Comments, with 7 Different Videos.


No. 1: No Innappropiate Songs. No. 2: Your Cazmo Must Have at Least 1 Music Video on YouTube, To Enter. No. 3: You Have to Make a Totally New Music Video. (Can’t Use Videos You Already Have) No. 4: No Bad Comments. No. 5: Must Comment With Your Video URL, Cazmo Name, and Site.


The Winner will be an Author here on our Site, and will also win… 100 Cazmo Cash! PCMV


7 Responses

  1. Sounds cool! Bw it is up to you but i am no longer pcap. Cos i resigned as you already know. So whether you still want me to help or you want to remove me is up to you ok?

  2. Sorry mike, I REALLY want you to be able to stay and help, but since you are no longer in the PCAP we cannot have that right now, so thank you for helping on this blog. You were a real great Ambassador!

  3. why did mike resign?!!!

  4. Il Sign Up
    Ambasador 7 ronaldo27

    AeJesz: Ronn… It says “Sign Ups Coming Soon.”

  5. Thanks bw.


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