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Hey guys, updates are here!!

First off, there are driver licences! I don’t know how to get them so if you find out, comment and we’ll give you full credit!!

Picture 4

You can also drive anywhere you want now when you get your license!

The newspaper is updated! And get the soccer shirts before they run out!!

Picture 2Picture 1Picture 3

lol he looks like a ballerina!!

Decipher this next message to win nothing!!



5 Responses

  1. ok to get the drivers licence u have to have a car!!! now give me credit!!!!

    – daballer PCAP #31

  2. the drivers license you have to be a member and u automaticly get a license even if u don’t have a car… roblox12 has proof of that

  3. Ok joe, you got it right first!! Thanks! What’s your site?

  4. 600 hits party soon did i hear?? Well i guess i better get my party clothes

  5. Hey add me to it

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