Cazmo With More Quality?

Dont you think that out Cazmos need like, More Quality? Cause, whenever somone takes a Picture, or records (really close) our Cazmos are all blurry, and stuff…. Here’s a Picture.

Ps: All of them, are the SAME Size:



7 Responses

  1. Well yeah, that’s cause you’re doing it very upclose.

  2. No, All of them are the same size….

  3. And CP, and GP have more Quality than PC.

  4. No, I mean if you were zoomed out more the quality would have been better than both of those combined.

  5. Yeah, Zoom the page on Pc, and ur cazmo will look blurry. Then zoom ur page on GP and CP, and ur Penguin or Gardener will look non-blurry, lol… like with High Quality.

  6. Well unzoom them all and Cazmo looks the best

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