Souljaboy Tile

Heyo cazmos wazz up…well anyways when i loged on to pc i discorved that on the whats cool page there was souljaboy tile so i cicked on that and i couldnt belive my eyes but when i clicked on the map u cant access it its weard . well heres some pics




4 Responses

  1. LLLLLLucky.

  2. maybe they let certain people in for a huge sneak peak???!!!
    ~Champ~im the champ~

  3. nahh I think it was just a glitch. can’t be sure though!!

  4. Bw i think it was a glitch too. Two undercover mods were at the town and also they are updating cazmo twice as fast starting today. Maybe they tried the updating thing but messed up? Also soulja boy tile is coming next week.

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