Officer Coconut-Head

dsc_0095Story coming soon..


5 Responses

  1. can you add me to the bloggroll.

    Money201cashs’s Planet Cazmo Blog!! 😛


  2. Sorry, all blogroll sign ups are now over.

  3. Please I didnt know where to sign up!!
    AW MAN!


  4. Blogroll? I’m in! lol, if not, its all kewl. who drew this drawing anyways?

  5. I drew it 😀 I know, I have no talent, but at least I can pick up the pencil. And money cash, blog roll was only available before the site came out. I can’t remember everyone that was on the site before it came out, but I made two posts saying comment here if you want to be in the blogroll. And those two posts were up for three days, which is plenty of time to make a comment, at least for me it is.
    Also, coming soon…. AMBASSADOR COCONUT-HEAD! But first I have to make a story for officer coconut-head

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