Cazmo Idol!

Sign Ups, Coming Soon!


On the First Round, There is going to be only 7 Contestants, and only 5 are going to the 2 Round. Out of those 5, only 3 are going to the 3 Round. And when that day comes, there is going to be only 1 Winner, of… Cazmo Idol!

To start the 1 Round, There must be 7 Comments, with 7 Different Videos.


No. 1: No Innappropiate Songs. No. 2: Your Cazmo Must Have at Least 1 Music Video on YouTube, To Enter. No. 3: You Have to Make a Totally New Music Video. (Can’t Use Videos You Already Have) No. 4: No Bad Comments. No. 5: Must Comment With Your Video URL, Cazmo Name, and Site.


The Winner will be an Author here on our Site, and will also win… 100 Cazmo Cash! PCMV

BIGdawg BIGnews!

New concerts are coming soon! BD talks of Toe Jam and Earis! What does this mean? Where is my wig??
Picture 1Picture 3Picture 4lol BD has “people”

Now this is what I find Odd. Obviously BD has made a game called Toe Jamd and Earl in the past. But now he is telling us to go check it out again, why?? lol I have no idea!

Picture 5

Here’s a pic of toe jam and earl:

Picture 6

You see that it mentions Funkitron… Hmm…

Waddup RCD IN DA HOUSE!!!!


Was up cazmos its me ambassador richcooldude!!!!

Im a phase 5 planet cazmo became one Friday,Febuary 13 usually friday the 13s r bad but that was one happy day,Heres my PCAP badge:

Picture 2

Thats All

~Ambassador RichCoolDuder~

Economic Problems are Spreading


Economic Problems have spread to Planet Cazmo. Back in the Good ol’ Days, you used to make 5 cazmo coinz for each goal you made in Soccer. Now you make 3. Back in the Good ol’ Days, you used to make 100 cazmo coinz each time you completed Mini Breakin’. Now look at the current score:

Picture 1

I think it’s safe to say that not only Earth is having it’s Economic Problems!


Hey guys, updates are here!!

First off, there are driver licences! I don’t know how to get them so if you find out, comment and we’ll give you full credit!!

Picture 4

You can also drive anywhere you want now when you get your license!

The newspaper is updated! And get the soccer shirts before they run out!!

Picture 2Picture 1Picture 3

lol he looks like a ballerina!!

Decipher this next message to win nothing!!


Bathing Suits Are Coming Soon!

Hello everyone If you look at the Planet Cazmo home page you can see that the Weekly Header showing you the Bathing Suits and It says coming soon. Wow I can’t wait. Also In the Planet Cazmo Twitter Bigdawg said Driver’s Licenses are coming too!

– Ambassador Beta Omer

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New music vid!

Mikeafc once again brings a new vid to stores near you!